Software solutions

Individuality for all

The development of individual, perfectly tailored and cross-industry software solutions is our passion. To achieve the best possible results, we use our many years of experience and offer you support in all process steps - from development to successful project management. Quality and on-schedule planning are two elementary core components of our work. We achieve maximum flexibility in the implementation of a project by using the latest technologies such as JEE, AngularJS, JQuery or BPMN. We also use the programming languages Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS and C#.

Yard Management

We know that it is not easy to keep track of a large corporate site when dozens of vehicles come and go every day. Yard Management supports you and your employees in the management of all operational processes on the factory premises. With the help of systematic freight yard management, incoming and outgoing goods can be controlled, all vehicles on the site coordinated and complete orders executed. We are specialists in the field of yard management and offer our partners a flexible and clear solution for systematic freight yard management with the use of our software Traffic Management & Control. Of course, we are at your side during the entire implementation process and provide a complete all-round service from planning to implementation and evaluation.

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sdbn Global Connect

In times of industry 4. 0, fast and smooth communication is an essential driving force in intralogistics. As a result, processes in intralogistics can be carried out transparently. Particularly when processes are in danger of stalling, a short reaction time is required to take possible countermeasures. In partially or completely automated processes, there is an increased risk that statements may be interpreted differently when using common means of communication such as e-mail, SMS or messenger services. Clear and unambiguous agreements are therefore not possible at all, or only under reservation. In addition, status transitions prove to be non-transparent, and each communication requires an interpretation of the chat process to find out whether further action is required to resolve a process step. With our newly developed mobile client sdbn global connect, we offer a modern way for systematic freight yard management to integrate mobile end devices such as smartphones or tablets into process security.

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Application example

Traffic Management & Control

Since 2016, a large agricultural machinery manufacturer from Zweibrücken, world market leader in agricultural engineering, has been relying on our software solutions for yard management. We have further developed our Traffic Management & Control tool in a close exchange while considering the processes that are important for the customer. The result: Traffic Management & Control (TMC) regulates all factory traffic on the company premises of the agricultural engineering specialist. The control works via pagers, which are distributed to the suppliers upon arrival of each vehicle. A detailed pager plan, which can also be displayed graphically, provides an overview of all trucks and their stations as well as detailed information on their freight. The vehicles are called to the individual stations using a tablet client. This technology benefits not only the employees, who are always informed about all processes and always have an exact overview, but also the external drivers, who save valuable time through well-organized processes on the plant premises. To register plant visitors who cannot be equipped with their own pager, the tool also has a logbook function for documentation. In addition, the integrated logbook history provides an overview of all previous entries and enables the export of the recorded data, for example for comparison or storage. Various functions and structures characterize the TMC: Administration, logbook, history, management, tablet client and overview plan. The software can be extended individually as required and to any extent and can thus develop further with the company. As an internationally operating company in the field of agricultural engineering, the customer must manage large factory premises on which numerous logistics companies enter and leave daily. The Traffic Management & Control software is adapted to the individual interests of the company and its structures, it simplifies the many business processes, provides an overview and thus facilitates an increase in efficiency. Together with the agricultural machinery manufacturer, sdbn Solutions GmbH has developed and implemented several software solutions since 2016. Based on this successful partnership, the first follow-up projects are already being planned.