sdbn Global Connect

Intralogistics meets innovation

With sdbn global connect, new users can, for the first time, be integrated into an existing system via QR codes, SMS or e-mails. This means they can be integrated into everyday intralogistics workflows, communication processes and decision-making without exposing the corporate network to the outside world. Participants decide for themselves whether they want to take part anonymously in a conversation or create a customer account in which they can deposit their preferred language and receive messages without re-invitation by QR code or similar. Immediately after integration, all users and systems involved have the necessary influence and decision options at their disposal. Communication takes place via central servers and provides the integrated environments with, among other things, meaningful information regarding the receipt of a message. Communications and decisions are thus available simultaneously. All participants exchange messages with clear responsibility assignments and status messages in real time and without language barriers. Consequently, sdbn global connect closes the gap between human interaction and system communication. The software provides the basis for efficient intralogistics according to modern standards which can be easily integrated into existing software solutions of the industry. The Handyclient replaces or supplements other end devices such as pagers or tablets. The focus is on the integration of your employees into the operational processes and the distribution of tasks. In combination with our Traffic Management & Control (TMC) software, the Handyclient unfolds its full potential and secures the functions that are available via TMC.

Global Connect Process diagram

Process protection 4. 0

The traceability of actions to be processed is key for communication with several participants or groups. Which steps are still open? Who's in charge? Efficiency can only be achieved through clear task management with clear allocation of responsibilities and status maps of partial or complete processes. By allowing users of sdbn global connect to view answers that have already been received and to remove processed tasks from the task list, the Messenger can provide all participants with a transparent overview of outstanding processes. If a partial action is missing, for example if the work step has not yet been processed after a certain period, the system implements the appropriate measures - for instance regularly highlighting the open task or forwarding it to a superior. By allowing decisions and activities to be retrieved in real time and from any location, the Handyclient supports sustainable process security. All functions as well as the communication run via a server, so that the users do not have to fall back on an individual app. With our innovative client, all process participants receive statements on the reception, display and perception of a message. With sdbn global connect, we are creating a solid foundation for the new work demands associated with digitization.

Avoid possible interference factors

Problems such as synchronization between time zones and the accessibility of participants do not technically exist. An additional risk for quality losses in processes and decision-making is the complexity of translations of statements within a communication. A systematic, automated handling of answers requires a mapping of the possible reactions to all scenarios to be assumed. To date, no satisfactory solution has been found for text messages that takes the differing systems into account equally and without friction losses. Since messages and replies with sdbn global connect are stored in the software as secure and clearly defined text modules in all relevant participant languages, and used and coordinated by the mobile client, language barriers are eliminated.

Benefits for intralogistics

Our mobile client answers essential questions on the use of the messaging approach for partially or completely automated processes and on the integration of the smartphone into complex operational processes. By closing the gap between human interaction and system communication, the mobile client shortens the paths of process processing and overcomes technical hurdles. The result: faster and more transparent processes. Increased efficiency and an improved use of resources are advantages that companies can use to secure the decisive market in view of the consistently high volume of orders and the constant pressure of competition and time. The messaging approach improves the quality of work procedures and ensures a smooth transition from, for example, intralogistics to downstream transport. At the same time, by using the mobile client, companies create a solid and flexibly expandable basis for coping with the challenges of intralogistics associated with digitization. While the amount of data to be processed increases during the digital change there is a considerable increase in complexity as well. If companies want to keep up with the competition, they are forced to act to make their processes more transparent and efficient, and to use resources in a targeted and economical manner. Our sdbn global connect supports you in the coordination of all internal and external operating procedures on the factory premises and beyond and creates an active working atmosphere that meets individual and general intralogistics challenges and contributes to their optimisation.