If standard solutions do not meet the individual requirements of a company, it is worthwhile to embrace specially tailored software. Together we will develop the solution that suits you best.

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Needs based extensions or adaptations of the existing solution enable the flexible use of our software. This eliminates, for example, the need for complex implementation phases which, in return, can result in a crucial market advantage.

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You don't want to do without existing software, but are still looking for a suitable solution that ideally supports your expertise? When developing individual software solutions, we orient ourselves to align with your wishes.

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Ever changing

Our motto: It is not the technology that determines the course of action, but rather the software that adapts itself to the conditions and habits of its users. In this way, existing processes can be meaningfully optimized.

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Well informed

Programming at the pulse of time also means that new and complex systems frequently find their way into companies. We will show you what is important when dealing with the relevant technologies.

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Intelligent Management

Who? Where from? When? Where to? As one of our specialised fields, software-supported fleet management optimises all processes on your factory premises. The resulting efficiency will become the key to your success.

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Range of Services

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Every IT project has its own special challenges. The key to successful implementation is to recognize these to the full extent and to find appropriate solutions. At the beginning of every development phase there is a detailed needs analysis, in which we get an overview of the given requirements in your company and the processes included in the software. The successful development and implementation process can only succeed if we know which processes you want to optimise and what is important to you during implementation and future use. Which functions are to be integrated? Which inventory applications and customers should be considered? Which authorizations are to be granted? How should the software be managed? Based on these and many other questions, we advise you on the evaluation of suitable technologies and work with you to draw up specifications for the realisation of the project.

Stages of development

Based on the acquired knowledge and the joint evaluation of suitable technologies, we develop your individual software solution. Even at this stage of development, detailed load tests provide information about the software's functionality. If it passes all internal tests, the implementation takes place in your company as a beta version. In this phase we also check every single interface for functionality and adjust if necessary. Error logs provide us with the necessary information about possible optimization requirements in both short and long-term tests. Only when the software meets all requirements and works to your satisfaction do we consider the development process and implementation to be completed.

Training opportunities

Where IT manages particularly complex requirements or new technologies are used, a special training course for your employees on how to operate the software is a useful addition. By explaining important components, technologies and architectural concepts vis-à-vis to all participants and giving them suitable recommendations for action, we ensure that the software functionality is also guaranteed beyond the implementation process.